Wednesday to Saturday 11am - close (7ish)

We make our entire menu from scratch, every day, and our food depends on lots of fresh, locally-sourced components.

What's New?

El El Frijoles lobster taco

Why Are We All Here?

Why are we all here?

Summer 2024

Open for summer 2024! We'll be open Wednesday - Saturday from 11am to 7ish, depending how long the food lasts. You can get salsas, frozen burritos and more at Makers' Market. Check social media for details and specials: Facebook or Instagram.

We have an additional parking lot! The lot is 300 yards and the 3rd driveway up the hill toward Blue Hill from El El, on the same side of the road. Also new is Makers' Market Shop and Studio, between El El and the parking lot, offering a selection of cold beers, wines and cocktails for you to enjoy with your lunch or dinner. MMSS has the same hours as El El Frijoles.

Eating at EL EL—Here's How It Works

We have re-set the dining room, cleared off the picnic tables, and set up the fire pit. We’re ready for you to come on down and share a meal with your friends! Come on in to the Taqueria to place your order, get your drinks and grab some of our fresh salsa from the bar and we'll call your name when your food is ready. You can eat inside our covered screen porch, at one of our many picnic tables, or around the fire pit. We are a BYOB taqueria, and you can pick up some cold beer, wine or cocktails right next door at Makers' Market Shop and Studio.

We experience extremely busy dinners during our high season. You may find our limited parking lot is full if you come for a late dinner, and parking on the road is a very bad idea (plus, it is illegal!). New for summer 2023, there is an additional parking lot 300 yards and the 3rd driveway up the hill toward Blue Hill from El El, on the same side of the road. It may be best to come see us for a late lunch if you wish to avoid the biggest crowds, and your chance of securing one of our daily specials will increase the earlier you visit!

As our daily volume increases with the onslaught of summer visitors, so too must our service model shift. We are unable to accept any phone orders, or make advance reservations, you just have to come down and join us! We have developed a format that ensures your food will be served fresh and hot, soon after you order. You may have to wait in line for a bit to order, but we’ll get your food out right away.

If you arrive and find a customer wearing “The Hat”, they are the last customer we will be serving for the evening, and you’ll have to join us another time. Be sure you are in front of The Hat!

Daily specials, as well as any pertinent service updates, will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram feeds daily by 11:00am.

  • No emails, texts, owls or messenger orders can be considered, we want to talk with you directly!
  • Have a question or a comment? We’d love to talk with you about our set-up, our policies, our food and our views about life, the future and maybe early French cinema. Whatever, let’s dialog, peeps!


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We have t-shirts and hats in stock! We can ship them to you for about $27, including tax and shipping. Send me an email at or just mail me a letter with a check inside!

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